What is this?

As part of the Machine Learning class in (CIS 678) at GVSU, Camila and Roland created the neural network J.O.M.I.S. (= Just one more intelligent system ). The network creates a MLP (multi-layered perceptron) based on the input data and one hidden layer. It immediately starts training and will display the global error and the network graph below. After completion you may use the "manual verification history"-input-field to see prediction by the network with unseen or seen data.

Uploading your own

You may upload your own text-file. Please notice that the script is running in your browser and may cause performance issues.

Sample formatting for file:

Health Armor Weapon Enemies Action
Good Yes No 1 Attack
Good Yes No 2 Run
Good Yes No 3 Run
Good No Yes 1 Attack
Good No Yes 2 Attack

Please note that the first line contains the names of the attributes.

Neural Network

Learning Factor (η)
% Training data
% Validation data